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Published on November 26th, 2013 | by carlos


Fix up those boots cheap!

Boots are usually a good thing when going into tough terrain or hiking and it’s practical to want some protection for those days when your out in the wild, on the work site or playing in the snow with the kids.  As a transplant from Florida, one of  the first things I noticed about women’s fashion here was that the key to that West Michigan look was a pair of boots. Now, these aren’t meant to be practical, so looks usually trump any practical use.  I believe some ladies might claim a pair of UGG boots might be cozy enough to wear all the time, but personally I wouldn’t know!

I have been making the effort to keep up on my wife’s shoe needs. In particular, her boot needs. So since we moved here and because I love a woman in boots, we have bought a few pairs for her to make those outfits look perfect. She found a pair of light colored faux leather boots that fit well and looked hot! With the daily activity of driving, kids and life in general, those boots began to get scuffed up and worse. Ideally, leather is the way to go, but a budget conscious lady of fashion must consider the Faux (meaning fake) alternative to build her arsenal of footwear. Leather scuffs aren’t the end for boots, but when the label reads man made synthetic materials, scuffs and tears could mean the end to a decent pair of boots. Makes me think about renaming this post to something more catchy like, “SAVE THE BOOTS”, but that would be a bit dramatic.

So, back to these boots. She scuffed them pretty bad and the top surface was peeling back and revealing a black base fabric, which was not a good look when everything else about her screamed, “WHOA!”  As I do when I need a solution,  I searched online and found a Mod Podge fix from another blog called, One Creative Mommy. HERE is the link. That was good, but I thought I didn’t need to go that far.  If your scuff or tear is bigger, then you might want to read up on her Mod Podge fix. I opted for a simpler fix and chose concealment and a steady hand. Below are the steps I took to bring these cool boots back to life with some simple techniques.

  1. Peel back any layers that are loose. I wish I would have taken some pics prior to the fix! Next time.paint
  2. Sand down the trouble spots with a light sand paper. Nothing heavy duty, just smooth down scuff or peeled layers so it’s as smooth as possible
  3. Buy some craft acrylic paint from your favorite hobby store. Color matching is key. Michael’s has a big selection. Also note finish; Satin, Gloss, Matte.
  4. Use any little paint brush and start applying. We paint looks lighter than dried paint, so don’t worry if at first it doesn’t match. If your unsure you can unscrew the cap without breaking the seal and dab a bit on the boots and rub it dry to see if it matches.
  5. Continue to add layers to build up for lost outer layer. Results are awesome and boots will look almost new to the casual view. (who kneels down to inspect your feet anyway!)

For about a couple bucks, your boots can have new life and bring back sexy for sure.

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